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Windows Remote Registry Backup

Time for another code snippet. Had to take some registry backups for a rollback plan and here I am with a PowerShell script that enables to backup registry hives from remote computers. I am still in search of a better and easier method as the method which I used makes a lot of assumptions and copying of files here and there. Some interesting points I have to take care when I wrote this script was regarding the encoding in out-file cmdlet and argument passing in an invoke-command script block. Please feel free to add in your suggestions. Function Export-RemoteRegistry () { <# . SYNOPSIS Enables to backup/Export registry hives from remote servers. . DESCRIPTION Enbles to create backup of registry hives from remote servers and copy it to a centralized location. User needs to have admin privilages to the system and registry keys. . PARAMETER ComputerName Accepts a computer nam

Drive Space Information

One of the scripts which I need to use on a daily basis. This is a basic function of the script to get information on drive space. We can take the result and get a report emailed as a table put into a web page, or simply export it as a CSV file and manipulate as per your need. Usually, I export it as CSV and do some manual manipulation to filter the data which I require. Planning to do some automation on it. I will update the post as I do it... Enjoy!!! <# . SYNOPSIS PowerShell script to report on drive space available on remote windows systems. . DESCRIPTION Get the Availbale Max, availabe drive space information remotely and report it to admins. . PARAMETER ComputerName Accepts a list of computer names or IP addresses . EXAMPLE Get-DriveSpace -ComputerName Server1,server2 . LINK #> function Get-DriveSpace { [ CmdletBinding ()] Param (