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Static Code Analysis: Some Tools

Security for applications is extremely important. While there are various considerations for securing the application, in this post, we will be concentrating on the code vulnerability scanning.     In a traditional approach, security audits were carried out in the final stages of development, with dedicated security audit teams and manual checks. It takes a long time to complete the security scans and audits and when vulnerabilities are identified at these final stages even longer to fix it.   The best way to do security audits in the DevOps world is to shift left and make the audits part of the build process, so the team is instantly aware of the application's security posture and the vulnerabilities are mitigated much earlier in the development cycle.   The first step in the journey to better code quality is to use source code analyzers such as  FxCopAnalyzers  that analyze the code for code style, quality, and maintainability, etc and provide metrics