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AKS - Nginx Ingress Controller broke after upgrading to version 1.24.x

After performing an upgrade to Kubernetes version 1.24.x on Azure Kubernetes Service the Nginx-ingress controller stopped working. The issue was fixed after setting the Azure load balancer's health probe to /healthz by following the below thread. The change can be done either by going to the probe configuration of the load balancer or by updating the Nginx ingress controller annotations Command used to make the change (using helm) helm upgrade --install ingress-nginx-dev ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx \     --namespace ingress-dev \     --set \     --set controller.replicaCount=1 \     --set controller.nodeSelector.environment=dev \     --set controller.nodeSelector. "kubernetes\.io/os" =linux \     --set defaultBackend.nodeSelector. "kubernetes\.io/os" =linux \     --set controller.admissionWebhooks.patch.nodeSelector. &quo